Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Barn...I mean shed

Let me introduce you to our garden shed a.k.a The Barn. I call it a barn because it is a bit bigger than we originally thought it was going to be. David built this structure last summer and it's not quite done.
Tell you what though...this thing made it through Hurricane Irene and the October Snow Storm of 2011 without batting an eye. You can see how well David put it together from the below shots. When we have to move out this summer for the second story addition, don't think I didn't think about just living in the barn....

Life got too crazy and we couldn't finish painting it before it got too cold. I can't wait until it warms up so we can finish painting and adjust the doors. I'm planning on planting a few climbing roses on either side to scroll over the top. I was thinking of a big 'ol rambler..maybe Paul's Himalayan Musk? Peggy Martin? I have a Quadra that is coming along nicely but I think the red will clash with the red paint. I have 3 Compassion's but they are for the front pillars....any other ideas?

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