Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is this the funnest time for a rose grower?

Is funnest actually a word? Anyway...I just love this time of year for growing roses. The anticipation is a killer while I wait for everything to wake up. But, it's finally starting. Isn't this new growth a beautiful sight? There is nothing like all these fresh leaves at the start of Spring. Everything looks fresh and healthy. It's just around the corner now! Our 70 degree days are making everything sprout.

Cinco de Mayo doing its thing...

The smell of hyacinth in the air!

The Fairy looking fresh and green...

She throws out really long canes along the ground. Hadn't realized how long they got last year until I took these photos. They extend across the entire back garden! The thorns on this rose are the most painful in my garden, ouch!

I'm excited to see my side rose bed really perking up. I don't think I killed it last year after all. Hurray!

Hope the great weather holds. Daffies are just about to bloom....

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