Saturday, December 15, 2012

A few updates

We came home this week to the very best surprise ever....

The city planted a new tree in our front yard to replace the three they removed when fixing the road. It's a Christmas miracle. Isn't it great? Now if they could just pick up the leaves.....

This weekend is all about finishing up the drywall in the basement, hanging the laundry room door and putting down the subfloor before we install the laminate floor. Got the flooring on special at Home Depot. Lots to do before next week, which will be the big push to the finish line.

Oh, and my 2012 ornament came from Bloomingdales! David let me open it early and it is so cute. Might be their best one yet. He's carrying an actual paper Bloomingdales bag.

For an extra surprise, he got me two other Radkos as well. A Santa on a sled and Gingerbread Men. I'm officially, officially out of room on the tree now!

Have to get back to drywalling.....well, I'm going down there to read while David works. I know, it's a hard job.


  1. I agree cutest Bloomie ever.Maybe you need 2 trees,I have one 6 ft. Left? One for each side of fireplace.M.

    1. I was thinking maybe get a smaller one for the basement....