Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rose in Focus: Playboy

I thought I would focus on 1 rose today to cheer me up on such a rainy day. I love this rose and always look forward to the first blooms. It is pretty disease resistent for me and blooms consistently through the summer. It is a floribunda that blooms in red, orange and yellow.  I purchased 3 of these as bare-roots a few years ago.

The semi-double buds look like they are on fire when the sun hits them.

As the blooms fade they turn to a bright pink.

Playboy's origins come from Scotland.  The hybridizer, Cocker, also produces "Alec's Red" rose, a hybrid tea and "White Gold" a floribunda. I just purchased "Remember Me" this year from Edmund's Roses and am looking forward to seeing if it gives the same performance as the others.

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