Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A few days in Las Vegas

I'm in Las Vegas for a bit for work. Weather is beautiful. I'm staying at the new Vdara which so far is very nice. Not my favorite LV hotel, but still nice. Today I walked over to the Bellagio to see what they were displaying in their garden. It was pretty outstanding! The theme is a Spring Celebration.

Large umbrellas turned upside down grace the ceiling.

A working Merry-Go-Round is a feature on the side garden with tulips and hyacinth in front.

My love for poppies continues with this shot under the bridge.

As you approach the garden the hyacinth is almost overpowering. But with all the bodies packed into the garden it was a welcome scent!

I thought these chrysanthemum were fantastic and my favorite part.

Huge sculptural flowers and you can see the gigantic bumble bees. I think the bees are made of flowers as well but I couldn't get close enough to verify.

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