Sunday, March 18, 2012

Even dormant, I can't stand them

Goodbye Mayflowers. In my garden these 3 David Austins were small little pink flowers that ball in the rain and don't open. When I pruned them last week I thought maybe I would give them another year. But no! I just don't like them so they got shovel pruned today and replaced with some of my new Austins.

Yanked out and looking sad
Here are the replacements....

I put in Winchester Cathedral, far left. Then, Pat Austin, Eglantyne and in front a very healthy The Prince.

These are some of the Chamblees Roses that I got a few weeks ago and have been hardening off outside in their original pots. For me, own roots do better when I take my time to do this versus just putting them in the ground. When I buy bands (which I hardly ever do) I just leave them in pots for a year.

Slowly I pushed these babies farther and farther out of the shade until they were completely in the sun for about a week. They started out on the window ledge of our living room. I also made sure to cut off all new buds so they could focus on growing roots instead of early tiny flowers.

Healthy and happy little Prince

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