Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Flower Prints

David found this great set of 25 flower prints from 1948 for us in Brimfield and I am just now getting around to looking through and framing them. The prints are a selection of illustrations from the "Golden Age of Flower Illustration" which extended from the 18th century to the middle of the 19th.

There are so many gorgeous prints in here, I'm not sure which ones to frame.

A few of the rose prints are exceptional and will find a place on our walls... I love this one of a "gallica variegata" rose. You can see all of the little prickles along the stems. Next to each print is a description of the artist. This one is by Henry C. Andrews from his "Rose" volume from 1805.

The below is called "A June Bouquet" by Jean Louis Prevost. I love that I have this very same poppy growing in my garden.

The below print is gorgeous and by the great Pierre Joseph Redoute. You can buy his book of prints on Amazon. I think there are several different books out there but I love "The Complete Book of 169 Redoute Roses". He is known for his work with Empress Josephine and illustrations of her rose garden.

I love the below of "Carolina Pigeons". I'm totally getting into bird photography and soon will have a new lens coming to capture some pretty bird photos. This print is by John James Audubon. OK, I'm very embarrassed to admit that I didn't realize "Audubon" referred to an artist. I have seen the china, flatware and other amazing Audubon designs and didn't make the connection....feeling very dumb.

Love the butterflies in this one!

This one is my favorite I think. Titled "The Provence Rose" by Mary Lawrance. The detailing of the petals and the leaves is amazing. Plus I love that it was Mary Lawrance, a female, who developed the first book of rose drawings in 1799. Now I just have to pick a few to frame....this will be tough!

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