Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hurray for Root Pouches!

I received a few new roses this week and several of them are bare-root. I ordered a Dortmund, Tausendschon, a second Quadra and Tess of the d'Ubervilles. Yesterday I dumped them in some water to soak over-night and today got ready to plant. David kindly went to Home Depot last night and bought some potting soil. He's busy protecting the townfolk at the St. Patty's Day parade today so Winnie and I are on our own to plant up the roses.

When I mix my potting soil I dump 1 whole bag in a tub and then mix in about 2 cups of Alfalfa. After this process I smell like a horse stall and of course there is some wind today so it's going all over.

All mixed-up and Winnie approved!

I can't plant my roses right into the ground this year since we have the renovation on the horizon. I'm trying not to think about all of the roses I'm going to have to dig up and pot around the house. Maybe the siding guys could work around them?? Here's hopin'....

I don't use plastic pots for my baby roses to grow up in. Instead I use biodegradable Root Pouches. These things are great. I have a ton of them in all different sizes. The 5 gallon ones usually work best for the new bare-roots. The Quadra had to go in a 7 gallon since his roots are already so big.

I love the handles on these things and the fabric allows the roots to move around and grow. Also love that you can plant these right into the ground when you're ready and they biodegrade or they are washable and reusable. Fantastic!

Give them a little water and ready to go!

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