Sunday, June 24, 2012

Transition Time in the Garden

So the Spring roses are done, we're in full lily mode and it will be another week or so before the summer perennials really start to do their thing. Japanese beetles are here, I've counted about 5 so far. They love my Perfect Moment rose as well as my Moondances. Black spot is creeping up the David Austin bed, which I just pruned the heck out of and it's HOT. Not a cloud in the sky. And weeding takes up most of my gardening time now. But enough complaining! There are still some pretty things happening out there, even during the transition.

The first Calla Lily of the year is up.

This is my very first daylilly....Persian Market. I think she's beautiful, a very pretty pinkish salmon color.

Just a few more shots of Yelloween because he's in top form right now.

David and I decided to postpone the second floor addition for a bit and instead finish up the work on the first floor. So, the bathroom renovation is happening over the week of July 4th. Lots of upcoming renovation blogs coming up!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crazy for Lilies

Beautiful Satisfaction lilies are in bloom! These things are huge, each is over 8" across and my largest lily. The fragrance wafts across the yard when they are in bloom and I look forward to them every year. One bloom takes up an entire vase in the house. The colors are a very deep salmon pink with a yellow center.

More Stargazers...

More Easter Lilies....

 More...I don't remember what these orange lilies are called.

And the king of my lilies is beautiful Yelloween. These are my tallest lillies in the bed and a lovely pure lemon yellow.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blushing Brides, Stargazers and others

The Blushing Bride hydrangeas that cover the front patio are in full bloom. These are white with a tint of blue. Actually, the one closest to the garage has a slight pink tint. I can't explain why they would be different colors in the same bed. More aluminum in the soil on the left than on the right? Without the front trees for shade, they are looking a bit burnt around the edges but still looking good. I'm a little worried about how they'll do without any shade when July comes...I have three Compassion roses in the white planters you can see to the right. These climbers were supposed to climb up the poles but they are getting SP'd soon. They have been sickly since I bought them own root last year. I just have no luck with own roots unless they come from Antique Rose Emporium. I think these will be changed out with City of Yorks next year from Pickering.

The first of the oriental lilies have bloomed as well. I have a crop of Stargazers that are among the first bulbs I planted in the front garden and I still love them. They have tripled in quantity and smell wonderful. That's a Tigers Eye Sumac peaking up in the background and a Actaea Black Negligee. The Black Negligee needs shade so we'll see how she does without the trees. The sumac is actually a plant that I moved to the back, but because of the suckering, I have baby plants like this all through the bed as well as the rose bed behind the boxwood. Probably a huge mistake to plant the sumac, but I love it in the fall when it turns bright reddish orange.

Longiflorum Lilies in the back of the bed.

The last of the red Asiatics still in bloom.

And just a little random fun....a poppy that looks like a big pom-pom in the front of the bed.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perhaps the prettiest spot in NY?

I know there are a lot of great spots around the city. But this is one of my favorites. Have you been to the Conservatory at Central Park? If not, it's worth the trip. David and I took a walk through this morning before work and I pulled my ipad out to snap some shots. I can't really explain how or why we were the only people there. It wasn't even that early...but it was pretty magical being the only ones in such an amazing spot of the city. You honestly forget where you are. Will probably never happen again....

There are 3 parts to the garden, French, Italian and English. We entered through the park entrance versus the main gates off of 5th Avenue.

Our entrance takes you right into the English Garden which has a beautiful fountain dedicated to author Frances Hodgson Burnett. It really is a Secret Garden, just like she would like. The fountain in the middle is thought to be Mary and Dickon. The gardens around the fountain are full of pretty perennials and really have a cottage feel. 5ft tall perfectly groomed hedges surround the perennials.

Every kind of hydrangea you could think of resides in the English garden. All of them in bloom.

After the English garden you hit the Italian section and in its center is a beautiful fountain. Behind the fountain sits a huge wisteria covered pergola. I love the tiered hedges in front of the pergola. The lawn is perfectly manicured and leads to the main gates.

These are the famous wrought iron Vanderbilt Gates which used to stand in front of the 5th avenue Vanderbilt mansion during the gilded age. This is the main entrance to the Conservatory Garden. Because you have to walk up the stairs to get to them, they look absolutely huge.

Just a really pretty and peaceful off-shoot of the Italian garden. 

The last portion we walked through was the French Garden. The boxwood hedges are manicured into perfect Versailles-like designs. The fountain in the center of The Three Maidens is pretty spectacular. Again...notice, not a soul around. When you spend most of the day fighting for elbow room, it's such a treat to have all of this space!

To get closer to the fountain you have to pass under these rose covered arbors. I think these are all Betty Prior roses when they are in bloom.

 After our morning stroll we were off to work. Just grabbed the M1 bus outside the Vanderbilt Gates and we were on our way. What a nice way to spend a Thursday morning....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Front to Back

This is an interesting time in the between the blooming of the summer perennials and the last remaining spring roses. Most of my roses will continue to bloom a bit for the next few weeks and then all of them, except for Knock-Outs, Easy Does It and Eutin, will go to sleep in July and make room for the summer perennials and bulbs. Foliage is looking a little scraggly and it's about time for more Mills Magic Mix so they can have a feast after putting on such a great Spring show. I put Rose-tone on them last weekend to perk them up a bit. Below is what is blooming in the front garden and in the back right now.
Most of my lilies are Orientals but I have a few Asiatics in the front garden that have bloomed including these beautiful reds and yellows. I think David got me these years ago while he was on a trip....

Gemini has some gorgeous late Spring blooms. Truly reddish orange and creamy white interior.

I don't really know what happened to April in Paris this year. She was always one of my biggest and best bloomers in the Spring...she just woke up and put out some really pretty huge blooms. But quite a few less than last year.

Gingersnap has been struggling to bloom all Spring. He finally is starting to put out some great blooms. This is probably my brightest rose....flaming orange.

Love these...don't remember planting them or what they are. Are they all-yellow versions of red-hot pokers?

Oh how I adore poppies...I wish had room for a garden that was only poppies. Maybe next year. This is Lauren's Grape. I think it's my favorite in the garden so far. The color is such a true dark purple.

Drama Queen...gorgeous to photograph.

Julia Child

This is why I love Easy Does the blooms are in different stages, they take on different colors. Plus I love that the foliage stays green throughout the summer. The bees adore this rose too.

This is a fairly new rose for me....Tausendschon. She's supposed to be somewhat of a rambler. I can already tell that I love the different shades of pink and her fading double blooms. Very healthy rose so far.

This is one side of the back garden with Madame Plantier and Climbing Pinkie. In the back is Eutin, Nymphenburg and Color Magic which you can't even see in this shot. It's growing into a jungle back there. I need to attack this soon.

Color Magic trying to reach the sun from the jungle.

Eutin in afternoon sun. This rose blooms all summer. I really need to move him to better spot.

James Galway is also in the back garden, on the side of the barn. This is a huge climber here. I had him in the front last year, but he was taking over the whole bed. I love the million petals. I think he likes it back here. The blooms are much bigger than they were when he was in the front. My David Austin's definitely like the shade.

Lavender Lassie looking lovely in the back garden.