Thursday, March 8, 2012

14 Water Towers

This is kind of a strange post, but I thought I would share the piece of NY skyline I see everyday. As I was taking a mental break and eating my lunch, I thought the view was pretty cool. The cloud cover was just the right shade of grey to make the buildings look straight out of a movie, so I snapped some quick pics.

If I count, I can see 14 water towers from my chair. I love NY water towers. There is something about them that shouts NY, a hundred years ago. Supposedly you don't have any water pressure at all if you don't have one, so if you're looking for an apartment in NY, make sure there is a water tower!

About a month ago, they took this one down and we all watched it be re-built from scratch. I don't know why this was so fascinating to those of us in my building, but there you have it.

I also hadn't realized that the Freedom Tower had finally reached a height for me to see it over the buildings. The Tower will stand 1,776 feet tall and open in 2013. It has been amazing to watch it get taller and taller every day.

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