Saturday, October 6, 2012

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I can't believe it's been so long since I've written a post. Life kind of slipped away from me. It's been a very tough couple of months at work. I adopted some new responsibilities and new staff and all of a sudden it was October before I could take a breath. My poor garden has completely gone to pot and is full of weeds. Embarrassing really. The poor neighbors. But I spent time outside today and did major cleanup, including removing weeds the size of small trees from the front garden.

To kick off October in the right way I watched Pride and Prejudice this afternoon and put up the Halloween feather tree. It looks pretty cute. Although I will say that I obviously need more ornaments. Compared to my Christmas feather tree, this is a bit appalling. If you collect glass ornaments you'll like this post. If not....sorry!

And there is a serious lack of witches on the tree....I only have this one!

Lots of cute pumpkins though.

Most of the ornaments are Old World that I order from "Christmas in Prescott"....ironic I know. I love them because they have free shipping and each comes with a box.

This one's from my mom which is very cute, it's a book with a witch, so I guess it counts for my witch inventory.

Really cute Christopher Radko....

I have two bats, but only Betty made it on the tree. The clipped one has a broken stem and needs lock-tight...David??

I have updates on the basement reno that I will post this week....I apologize for the long break in posts!