Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I guess I should call it summer flush now versus spring's 90 degrees here already at 9AM and the roses are finally in bloom. With the heat and the late rain this year, I didn't get a breather from blackspot even during the first flush. It is running rampant through my side rose bed already. So, this post will show what's doing well in this terrible weather, what's looking not so great, and the parts that just aren't doing well at all.

This is the overall of the front garden.

When you walk out the front door...

Of course, Easy Does It takes first prize this year. I planted 6 plants to flank the front garden on both sides and it is a blooming machine. The leaves are dark green and not a hint of black spot.

Also in the front garden, Graham Thomas has decided to be a full blown climber and is now climbing up the Iceberg. He's looking good this year.

Gertrude Jekyll didn't let me down this year and is blooming and lovely. A little bit of black spot, but manageable.

I planted a Veilchenblau in this bed which I know seems crazy since it's a rambler, but I have a plan...I'm hoping it will fill up the empty spaces and eventually grow around the window. It's one of my healthiest plants so far. What a beauty!

Quietness is keeping the peace in the back of the bed and as gorgeous as ever.

The new garden is doing well so far and of course the two Gertrude Jekyll's I planted in this bed are the first to bloom (no surprise).

The back Austen bed is still a mess. The Golden Celebration, Christopher Marlowe and Abraham Darby that I didn't move have long octopus arms that are impossible to keep in place. Of course the fragrance back here is wonderful.

The roses that I transplanted to the left are still struggling. But not dead, so I'm remaining hopeful.

The new peony bed is doing well and in bloom. I threw some mulch over the bed last weekend to help keep this bed cool. It gets just morning sun, but it's so hot, the leaves are wilting a bit.

My side rose bed gets the prize for ugly this year. This bed is around the corner from the front bed...

It's blackspot city over here. I have a feeling I might have to shovel prune a lot of these roses. All three of the Moondances got hit so bad, there's hardly a leaf on them. They have a few blooms right now, so will keep them through the flush. Dick Clark got pulled as well as What a Peach. They were right in the middle of the bed, so now I have a hole.

Playboys are doing okay, not as good as usual.

I'm going to order some Kordes roses for next year for this bed. As much as I love my hybrid teas, they just don't do well here. I'll take some close up shots once the sun goes down a bit. It's too bright out here!