Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye May

Very busy week at work but was able to snap some photos as we got home tonight. Here's what's happening in the garden now as we get ready to welcome Summer.

Dortmund may have the most perfect blooms. It's one of my favorites to photograph.
Lovely Christopher Marlowe. So many blooms it falls all over itself. I love the yellow eye in the middle. This rose gets a bad rap. It's not supposed to be very vigorous if you read the David Austin book...not so in my garden!

Cinco de Mayo. I have these growing in barrels over the past two years. They seem to love it.

This picture does not do Quadra justice. The blooms are like velvet and a very rich magenta red color. Very heavy climber.

Westerland is also in a barrel for now. I bought him as a band and he won't go in the ground until next year. The huge blooms hang delicately off of thin stems.

Don't you hate when you forget the name of a rose? What is this....I can't remember. I think it's Climbing Pinkie.

These are the last Spring blooms of The Dark Lady.
Iceberg is one of my last roses to bloom and the minute it blooms it gets black spot so had to take some quick shots. That's Jackman Clematis looking lovely.

That's Graham Thomas and Europa in bloom at the bottom of the shot.
Julia Child finally graced us with her presence. Very late bloomer for me.
This is Twilight Zone. It's a new rose introduced this year that I purchased from Edmunds. I have no luck with purple roses, but so far, so good.

Mozart's lovely little blooms
Heritage. The blooms burst 5 seconds after they bloom. But for those 5 seconds, it's lovely!

This is why I love planting Zinnia seeds. I threw these in the Perennial Garden on Monday and the little sprouts are already coming up.

Boston Ivy covered light post which always makes me think of my mom because she has the same ivy growing up her light post at home. Pretty Niobe clematis took off this year!

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  1. Beautiful,wish my ivy had purple clematis entwined thru it!