Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soggy Wednesday

We have a few first blooms around here. Of course it rained all day, so they are nothing spectacular. Small, soggy and droopy. I was trying to wait until the rain stopped to snap some pics but it literally rained all day. But, still fun that it's May and the roses will start their first flush in the next week or so.

Graham Thomas. Always my first David Austin to bloom.

What a Peach, sopping wet.

Cherry Parfait.

Double Delight bud looking less than delightful and that's my old friend blackspot in the background on my Moondance. It's here already and May just started!

I promise to have better pictures in the future, but right now have to cope with the hand Mother Nature deals...

On a separate note, the street redo has begun full force. Today we lost the bricks lining the side of the street.

But, not to worry. New bricks await!

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