Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Flush

Remember this in February.....uggh!

Not like this anymore! Spring Flush is here! Pretty much all of the front garden roses are in bloom and most spring blooming perennials. I maybe have a few more things to bloom but once the roses start to burst on the ground like they are now, and the scent has completely filled the air, I know I'm near the peek.

On the left is one of my favorite David Austin's Wildeve. I couldn't bear to put her in the back in the David Austin bed because the blooms and scent are so perfect in my garden. If I had to pick one David Austin, it might be this one. Although, it is impossible to pick a favorite.....more to come on this rose. She's sitting next to Julia Child who hasn't bloomed yet.

This is the side rose garden in full bloom. Beautiful Black Cherry pops right in the middle of the bed and large pink Chicago Peace and Summer of Love glow.

Multiflora looking lovely. Midas Touch, Moondance and Play Boy showing up in this shot behind the boxwood.

The corner is filled with young Easy Does Its and Rainbow Sorbet. That's Moondance on the left and Graham Thomas on the right. The big climber is Iceberg that hasn't bloomed yet which is a bit weird. But honestly, the thing gives me so much grief with blackspot that I'm happy that he won't bloom for a few days. Very young daylillies line the front of the bed.

You can't really see the new plastic edging right? Yahoo!

Close-up of the corner Easy Does Its. You can see the Calla Lillies coming up. I planted these a few years ago throughout the front bed. That's Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia on the left. I planted 1 small plant 2 years ago and it's taking over the corner. I love it in the summer though so it can grow however big it wants. Jackman Clematis climbing up the Iceberg.

Gertrude Jekyll blooms and double knock-outs. Anemone foliage in the front and that's a Lion's Fairy Tale rose trying to make it past bossy Gertrude. In the far right of the shot you can see the garlic. I plant garlic throughout the bed because it's supposed to keep the aphids away. It seems to work pretty well for me. I noticed a decent decrease after I started planting it. I also have a ton of lilies in this bed which helps too.

And just because I love the gorgeous colors, have to show another shot of the very handsome Play Boy.

Remember the David Austin bed from February?....

The bed is looking very pretty with huge blooms and lovely fragrance now. From left to right....Christopher Marlowe, Abraham Darby and Golden Celebration. I remember thinking that I should probably space out some of these because they were getting too big. ....

Yep, probably should have done that.....

The Dark Lady.

Next up will be the back garden which is filled with most of my Old Garden Roses and Hybrid Musks. Not quite ready yet....


  1. Oh, Winnie, how beautiful!! Your borders are perfectly magnificent, filled with all my favorite colors. Can't wait to see the back. I love it all!

  2. Do you have to dig bone meal into soil around iris or can you just spinkle on surface and water in?

    1. I just sprinkle it on the surface after they bloom and then again in the spring when they first start to come up. Seems to work here...

  3. Hello From Zone 7A

    Just planted my Wildeve and Dark Lady this afternoon( Thank you Sickles)!Went on line to see what kind of experiences folks have had with these roses. My concern is how to keep them nice and full. I am growing a few other DA (james galloway and strawberry hill) and they are kind of thin and spangly. Planted a few others a month back( darcy bussel and molineux) and hoping to keep them nice and full and free of the black mold i have been fighting.

    Did you prune them really hard in the spring and do you follow up with a summer pruning too?

    Keep up the nice work!