Friday, May 11, 2012

Golden Celebration and Friends

I have several yellow roses, but my favorite must be Golden Celebration. Not only because of the color, but because the blooms are huge.  This is the first bloom of the year.

I love the soft apricot color on the inside petals.

If you compare Golden Celebration's blooms and color to Graham Thomas below you can see quite a difference. This isn't the best picture of Graham, but the color is that soft pure yellow and the blooms are more cupped.

Beautiful yellow blooms continue with this huge iris, Well Endowed. This is my tallest iris and must be staked.

Another favorite, Heaven On Earth has its first bloom. Looks a bit like Abraham Darby to me but the habit of the bush is so different. This is a short plant  and these huge pinkish-apricot blooms sit on really floppy and slim stems. When the bush is in full bloom it's very striking because the blooms fall all over themselves. The petals are also very soft, light and airy. Beautiful cut flower.

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