Monday, May 28, 2012

Gorgeous Goot Garden

I love to see this rose garden in full spring bloom after visiting it in the winter. You can take a look at the sleeping shots here. This garden really is a hidden gem in NJ. We came home from camping last night so were able to take a ride and see the blooms. So glad we did!

The entrance is lined with boxwoods and those are pink knock-outs behind them.

Of course I had to snap the large clump of Easy Does It's, one of my favorite.

I was also happy to see Rainbow Sorbet, another rose that blooms heavily in my garden.

This is a beautiful Ballerina that is climbing up a pillar. Very vigorous.

This Frontenac was the most prolific bush in the garden. You can see the bush from every spot in the garden.

That's John Cabot climbing up the arbor. His blooms were a beautiful magenta shade that were extremely bright.

They have a few lovely specimens of The Garland that grow up the arbors.

This is Leonie Lamesch. While at this garden, I love to window shop and think about roses I need to get  for next year. This is definitly one of them.

The rose that took my breath away was this climbing City of York. How do I get one?? It's a must have for next year. I can't describe the huge blooms and beautiful foliage. It really was perfect.

More City of York...


Near the City of York was an American Pillar that covered a bench. Very pretty.


Love and Peace. I was surprised how yellow it was. Stunning.

Cinco de Mayo which I have in my garden too. Such a pretty rose!

This was another one that I would love to have in my garden. I love the soft pink edges. This is Glenda Marie.

Sweet Surrender was at its peak today and the bushes were simply covered with blooms.

My second favorite for me in the garden was Strike it Rich. The blooms glowed  and stood up straight and tall. It would be a great cut flower.

So, they had ever red you could imagine....Olympiad, Chrysler Imperial, Legend, Mister Lincoln, etc. but the most beautiful red in the entire garden (in my opinion) was Peggy Rockefeller. The blooms were a perfect red, not too pink, velvety and the bush itself was very full and lush. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland when Alice helps paint the roses red. What a beauty!

Julia Child...that's Wild Blue Yonder next to it which was glorious and deep purple. I have no luck with purple roses in my garden. Maybe I'll try this one next year....

Double Delight

This post could go on and on, but I'll save some shots for later. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon...

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  1. Wow, you are so lucky to have soil like this. In Arizona it's all rock and caliche. Need any cactus?