Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Multiflora in bloom

When we first moved into this house we adopted a "taller than our house" multiflora rose. It sits on the side of the house. It only blooms once a year in May/early June and has a marvelous scent. It's the divider between our house and the neighbors. We bought the house in the dead of winter and had no idea this existed until Spring and even then I really didn't realize what it was until I started to get into roses. I think it was fate.

The rose has to be hacked throughout the spring and summer to keep the entrance to the backyard open. Even now, it's a bit of a tight squeeze to get back there. Look at those boxwood. Kind of embarrassing. They need to be shaped this weekend.

Closer look.

The bees absolutely love this thing which is more than a reason to keep it.

More front garden pictures with a fully blooming Gertrude Jekyll. We finally have some sunlight when I got home tonight so snapped a few shots.

Lovely Baptisia. I have moved this about a dozen times and nothing gets it down.

Paul Neyron rose blooming up a storm. The smell is very strong. I have a small vase sitting next to my computer with 1 Paul Neyron, 1 Gertrude Jekyll and 1 Abraham Darby. Yum....heaven! Paul's blooms are pretty small for me so far which is weird because they are usually huge.

My first peony has popped. 2 weeks early! These smell good but kind of like baby powder. I don't usually bring them in like I do my roses.

Beautiful Quietness. The sun's going down so had to head in. Good night moon. 

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