Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Brick Path Project Begins

David has begun the horrid task of ripping up the asphalt path that goes from our garage, past the perennial garden, past the Beast (our climbing hydrangea), past the David Austin bed and meets up with our patio in the backyard. It's quite a task and he does a little bit at a time. Luckily we have the brick pavers from the front edging project. It's looking great so far!

First things first, the project requires Paver Base and Paver Sand from Home Depot.

He ripped up the old asphalt and then straightened out the rocks that were left which gives good drainage. Happy to find that most of the asphalt came up in huge pieces. I was in charge of making sure the umbrella covered the project to keep him in shade. It's a tough job....

He put the paver base over the rocks and then put the paver sand over the base. Leveled it out and then tapped in the pavers. Makes sure those are level too.

He then put the paver sand over the whole thing as a grout filler and brushed it lightly in between the stones.

He also set up pavers on the garden side originally just to help with keeping the edge straight, but I kind of like it. I think I'll keep them there. By the way, that is the very last of the William Shakespeare 2000 Spring blooms in the background.

When we were done for the day, he pounded in the brace to keep the pavers from moving and dumped some more sand on the top.

Exciting to get some space back for grass, so filled in the gap on the lawn side with seed.

Last bit of clean-up and we're ready to start the next few feet another day.

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  1. Makes my knees ache just looking at pics. Good job