Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reeves Rose Garden Update

The Reeves Rose Garden isn't quite in full bloom yet but the weather is so great today we popped in to see what was in bloom.  

The garden is waking up but still a bit sleepy. Needs a few more weeks.

I dont have Othello in my David Austin bed, but thought this specimen was very pretty and something to think about for the future. The blooms are huge and a very pretty magenta color.

I planted Scentimental last year and haven't seen my first bloom yet. Based on the below, can't wait!

Betty Prior Floribunda

I love Jacques Cartier, a Portland Rose. The blooms are a lovely shade of dark pink.

4th of July climber

This is the perennial walk with lots of beauties, including peonies on the left....those are red knock-outs that line the right hand side.


  1. It is a beautiful garden, thank you for the tour and all the lovely pictures. It is amazing to see roses just waking up, my spring flush is gone already... That Jacques Cartier looks awfully like Rose de Rescht, doesn't it?

    1. Thanks Masha! Yes, it really does look very similar! I don't know the two well enough to know if mis-labeled....maybe?