Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Side rose bed...uh, oh

On the side of our house, I have full sun. Great for my Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras and Floribundas. I planted a row of them behind a row of boxwood. Usually this strip of roses looks something like this....

But, this summer it was decimated by blackspot. Can't really explain why, must have been something about the wet weather. I got so frustrated at one point in August last year, when I was trimming my boxwood with hedge clippers, I hacked the crap out of the roses too. I have no idea what this will do to them this year...usually they are kept nicely pruned, now they just look sad, regardless of it being Winter. This is what they look like currently:

Some of my best roses are in this bunch, so I'm crossing my fingers that my temper tantrum didn't spoil them.

Chicago Peace


Heaven on Earth

Playboy adn Traviata

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