Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is my first official post, hurray! I've thought about creating a blog for awhile now and finally have started one. In advance, I apologize for any errors...I'm learning as I go! This blog will contain posts on my adventures in gardening as I work on my little plot of land in NJ. I'll also post house renovation projects pictures too. We have a 1950's ranch house that we are updating.

February is my least favorite time as a gardener in NJ because of the waiting. We'll usually get two more big storms before March, when I can finally get out and start pruning. This winter has been an odd one because of the low amount of snow and weird 50 degree days. Last year, we were drenched in snow and rain around this time. My poor "baby-boomer" daffodils can't figure out what time of year it is and started coming up in late December. We'll see how they do this year....

While we wait for spring, we had a few visitors in our backyard.....6 in total:

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