Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden move or not?

In my David Austin bed, I have 6 Golden Celebrations. I bought them bare root and they love their home. They get just enough light so they don't burn. But, I think they are growing out of this space. I pruned them yesterday and really got a look at how much they had grown in 1 year. I need to think of a different place for them. But in the are some shots from last year.

The color is a really pretty soft "sunshiny" yellow in my garden with just a hint of apricot as it fades. I have a Graham Thomas and a Charlotte in the garden which are also yellow but Golden Celebration is my favorite because of the large blooms and soft, buttery color.


  1. When are going to get a geenhouse?

    1. Talk to David. I already have to bargain for every inch of grass I take...but I would love to have one!

  2. Brent, our neighbor put one up. We all use it during Winter, even when temp is below 20 degrees. Geraniums are still alive and thriving. I'll get you the info. It's about 6X12.