Friday, February 17, 2012

House Plans!

We're adding a second floor on our house this year, if everything works out. Here are photos of the plans. We have one final set coming with some last minute changes and then they go to official construction drawings.
This is the front elevation. We're doing vinyl siding (haven't decided on color...will probably be grey or white). Note the new pillars in front and railing. The garage is extending out a bit to close in the side door. I love the corbels on the left side. On the ground floor, we need to change 2 of the original windows. I'm still trying to decide what to do with the existing brick. In this version of the plan, the architect changed it to engineered stone. I think we'll probably just do siding. We decided to lose all the shutters and go with just fat white trim around the windows.

This is the back elevation. The arched window shines into the staircase (we were worried that it would be really dark. This will help.) The other arched window is over the new master bathroom's bathtub. The double doors go straight from the garage to the backyard for David's lawn tractor.  

The side elevation just shows the two windows in the new master bedroom.

Here's the floorplan of the 2nd floor. Master suite with huge walk-in closet and bathroom. Guest bedroom. Guest bathroom and laundry room. Room over on the far right is DH's new office. The gathering room will be our new living room so we can finally have a dining room on the first floor.


  1. Wow! Why have you decided against stone? Is the garage single or double tandem? How much extra square footage? M & D

    1. There's just a lot of really bad stone around here on the re-done houses. If I can find one I like, will do it. The garage will be a tandem, could fit 2 small cars or an audi and a lawn tractor in our case. It's about 1200 sq ft more.