Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heeling in "Easy Does It"

Last year I ordered a bunch of "Easy Does It"s at the end of the season. I had 1 "Easy Does It" that bloomed beautifully for me and at the end of the summer it was my only modern rose that didn't completely defoliate due to blackspot. So I went a little crazy and bought 8 of them thinking that I would replace a bunch of my more high maintenance Hybrid Teas with these.
Such a beautiful apricot shade with ruffles around the edges
As the blooms fade, the color turns to a very pretty pink
The bush itself has a nice shape and even bloomed in this shady spot

By the time I received them, it was November so I knew I had to heel them in since it was way to cold to really plant the roses. I soaked them overnight, dug a big hole and plopped them in. I didn't even snip the tags off of them. I think you're supposed to cover up more of the canes, but I can't dig very deep holes before I hit a tree root. Still seemed to work.

A group of four in 1 hole over winter
This weekend I dug them up and spread them out into holes of their own while they were sleeping. They look really healthy and are already budding. Can't wait for them to bloom. I planted 4 on each side of the front garden to act as bookends.

Nice healthy roots just like always from Pickering

New holes await!

Everyone in their new home!

Next weekend when I officially prune, I'll rake out all of the old leaves and mulch.

See all the buds already?


  1. I am really enjoying all your beautiful pictures of your garden, the house renovation, New York city, and the beautiful roses. Hopefully next summer, 2013, after your home renovations are finished we can come to New Jersey and see you guys and your gardens in all their splendor. Our daughter Clarissa and her new husband will be living in NY then, too, probably. I'm enjoying your blog! Kathy Root

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! By then the house should be back in shape. We can't wait to have the extra space. Looking forward to seeing pics of the wedding on your blog!