Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red roses...gotta love them

Just a few favorites....

This is Black Cherry, a floribunda that I got a few years ago. Black Cherry is notoriously my very first rose that blooms in the Spring. I'm betting on her again this year. Last year, this bloom opened on May 18th after a bunch of rain the week before. No scent.

Below is Traviata. This is a Hybrid Tea and was the very first rose I ever purchased. I bought her at the local nursery in the middle of summer when she was completely in bloom. Yes, I know, you're not supposed to buy them then, but I didn't know! I actually can't believe she's still with me. That first year, after I put her in the ground, she shriveled up and went into shock. It took a good year for her to spring back. No scent in my garden.

So, there is much debate about Knock-Out roses. The blooms are really bright and look terrible in a vase. However, for sheer blooming power, they are pretty impressive. I have 2 double knock-out roses. Both have served me well as background filler, so I'll mention them here.

This is Ingrid Bergman, a Hybrid Tea. She is very stately on tall stems with a slight fragrance in my garden. She is fairly new for me, so I only had a few blooms last year, but they were indeed lovely.

I have 2 Cinco de Mayos and I love them both. They are kept in barrels and bloom non-stop. They did get blackspot later in the season, but they weren't the worst offenders, so I'll keep them where they are. I love the pink, orange and red blooms. Just beautiful.

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