Monday, February 20, 2012

On President's Day

I used to work in Midtown and exited the N-R-Q subway right into Central Park every morning. I work farther down in the Flatiron District now. I miss how quiet Midtown is in the morning. Flatiron is a zoo since it's more residential. But, you can't beat the architecture down here. This is my home away from home 5 days a week.


Flatiron Building

My Building
  I'm telling you, the coffee carts in Midtown are a 100 times better. I have to go to Starbucks now for coffee versus the $1.25 I used to pay at the carts. Sigh....

But, the good news is that I work right across from Madison Square Park which is one of the many beautiful parks in NYC. The park opened on May 10, 1847 and was named after James Madison (4th president of the United States).

The Lawn

The famous Shake Shack that's in the middle of the park. At 7:30AM it looks harmless. Wait till lunchtime and the lines are around the park. It's one of those secret NY places...

The city always keeps the planters in the square maintained. In Spring and Summer they are spectacular.
Daffodils coming up in Madison Square Park too!
I love this statue at one of the entrances to the park. This is statesman William Seward and was dedicated in 1876. Seward brokered the Alaska deal from Russia which you might remember was called "Seward's Folly". He was Lincoln's Secretary of State.

Do you like that little piece of history?...yep, I googled it.


  1. Great pics. How do you find time to take them. Love the history lesson. I think I see Mario in one of the photos. Is that Gweneth with him?

    1. Hah! Haven't seen Mario yet. Eataly may have to have its own post on the blog soon!

  2. I love this,seeing sights around nyc.Where did I just recently hear about shake shack?In a movie?

    1. I'm not sure...but if you look at their website you can look at the "Shack Cam" to see real-time what the line is like. Pretty funny.