Monday, July 2, 2012

Bathroom Reno Continues

We had a very good reno day today. The plumber was here! David finished all of the drywall last night except for the area around the shower and sink pipes. The plumbers came and gave us brand new lovely copper pipes and also converted our 3 handle shower to a single handle. We also had the new tub installed.

After the plumbers left, David finished up the drywall around the pipes and then put up the wonderboard around the tub to get ready for the tile installation. The tub is a 20" high soaker. Love it.

I'm very excited that after we ripped all of that old cement out, we were able to add about an inch and half around the entire perimeter of the bathroom. David filled it in with thin set so we could tile over it. When the house is this small, every inch counts.

The plumber is coming back tomorrow to install the toilet and the shower faucets so had to start the tiling tonight. We're using 10x13 ceramic tiles on the floor and in the shower stall in a brick pattern.

We decided to add a wall against the far end of the shower to add a glass enclosure. So, framed this out tonight too. Will probably green board this tomorrow. It's getting late and still have to tile around the shower faucet wall before tomorrow morning. All in all, very productive day.

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  1. Sounds like a long day and night! Can't wait for the next pics.