Monday, July 30, 2012

What's growing now in the garden

OK. This is it. When I grumble in the spring about black spot, I need to remember right now. This is the worst it will get.... It's right before I chop all of the rose bushes down with hedgers and start over. The bushes are starting to put out new growth again, so I'll have a pretty good rose crop in September if I summer prune them this weekend. Here's the David Austin bed...almost completely destroyed.

Remember when it used to look like this just a few months ago? Sigh...

The front garden is just a mass of green now. I really need to add summer perennials to this bed to last between Spring and Fall. The Rudbeckia on the side is interesting. I didn't plant this...I actually planted really pretty Cherry Brandy Rudbeckias in the past but it looks like they have been overrun.

The side rose bed has the same black spot affliction. Really interesting that the best rose still intact is Mr. Lincoln. He only gave me one bloom in the spring and instead spent all of his energy growing VERY tall. There's one bud on this bush now. He's the one growing up to the window. A few roses here and there.

The best looking bed of all is my new perennial bed and it's not even the perennials that are doing so well in this bed. It's the annuals! The zinnia seeds that I threw in the bed have taken off and are gorgeous. I think I'll plant these next year in the front bed. This is before the dahlias come up. Can't wait until both are really going.

The colors of these are fantastic and fun to photograph. They will look really cute cut in the new bathroom too.

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