Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Part 1

So, I posted a blog yesterday about our bathroom reno and now it's gone. Have no idea thought I would post the pictures from yesterday again and add a few from where we ended up last night. (Thank you for your comments on the post from yesterday! I'm sorry they have disappeared.)

This is what the bathroom looked like before...covered in plastic sheeting and the walls were beige painted wall paper. Grey ceramic tile on the floor and p-lam vanity.

We tore off the plastic covering to find the 1950s yellow tile under it. The plastic is adhered to the walls by black tar. So, we still have tar dripping from everywhere, including the ceiling which was covered in plastic too.

In order to get the tile off, we had to remove 3 inches worth of cement mortar, steel mesh and old crumby cement board. David had to cut it into pieces so I could take it out in a bucket. It was so heavy and I have to say, my back and neck are a bit sore this morning.

David had to pry all the cement off with this demo crowbar that weighs a ton.

After we pulled the tub up (which was huge and cast iron), the room was looking in pretty good shape.

Breaking up the floor tile was one of the final things we did last night. There was grey ceramic tile put right directly onto a 1950's mosaic yellow tile. The mosaic tile was put down one tile at a time, each tile being about an inch long. I mean, the time it must have taken to put down this tile is unbelievable.

This job is requiring 3 bagsters. Thank goodness we don't have the trees anymore, we would have never been able to fit 3 of them on the sidewalk.

David couldn't go to bed without getting some sheetrock up. So green board went up on one side of the room at about 8pm last night. It's starting to come together!


  1. Are you staying with friends while your only bathroom is under construction? Please post pictures when it's all done!

  2. It looks like you are doing some major changes in your bathroom. How exciting it for you!! I would like to see the finished work. Good luck with the renovations!!

  3. It seems a major renovation is taking place here. Meanwhile, the result will be very amazing. Hoping for the more pictures. Thanks.