Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bathroom Reno Complete!

We're done, we're done! Well...a few last touch-ups needed. But, we're 99.9% done. Took a bit longer than expected, 7 days plus 2 additional weekends. But still, if you consider that David did all of the work himself (except for the plumbing) and we had to do a complete demo, it's still pretty amazing. So, here's the before.....terrible p-lam vanity with doors that wouldn't shut. Weird soffit thing over the sink. Peeling painted wallpaper. Stuff everywhere. Selection of cleaners on the floor because I just couldn't get the hard water stains off of anything...

Awful ceramic tile, the color of concrete.

Completely covered in plastic, even on the ceiling. Dark icky shower...

No door! (We had ripped this off when installing the hardwood floors about a year ago).

And here is the after....

When you open the door (a door!!) you see the new shower wall instead of an ugly shower curtain.This is a print from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, before they move and are sharing one bathroom. Besides for being a favorite movie, thought this was pretty perfect for David and I.


David hung prints from my garden over the toilet. A lot of these were posted on this blog at some point or another...The large photo is Abraham Darby. He looks great in photos.

I mean, if you have to find a holder for your cotton pads, why not something Tiffany?

We love our simple new sink and put all of the junk that was on the sink into the medicine cabinet. That's a blown glass soap holder with a plastic top. With our hard water situation, metal tops and soap dispensers get absolutely gross. We decided against the shelf above the faucet. Basket from my mom holds our towels now.

One of the very best things...David added a light in the shower. Heaven!

And, we got rid of that old 3 faucet shower system. How did we ever live with that? What a pain. Every time someone would flush, the shower would get cold. Not anymore!

It's bright and clean but very functional. The Silver Fox paint by Ben Moore mixed with the Deep In Thought cream is great and not as stark as grey and white would be. We added in the Pottery Barn storage unit and I like my little no-sew drape on the window. It lets in a little light at the top while still staying private.

So very worth it in the end. David made it look just the way I had it in my head!

Thanks for following along during our reno! Now we have to go clean up all of David's tools...and I have to check on my poor garden. So neglected...


  1. Wow! What a difference! You must be so relieved to have it done and so proud of all your time and efforts to get it transformed. Very pretty.

  2. Wonderful,bet you don't dread taking showers in this beautiful bathroom.What a great team effort.Need to check out Mr. blanding movie,perfect poster.Nice to see your rose pictures framed.

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I did final clean-up this weekend and feel much better. The house is back to normal, finally.