Saturday, July 14, 2012

Waiting for the paint to dry

We're just about done with the bathroom renovation. Didn't finish it as planned last Sunday and then a crazy week at work preoccupied our time. But this weekend we should be able to finish up and share the final results. The paint is drying on the walls right now and then we'll install the trim and add in the finishing touches. In the meantime, thought I would share how the new perennial garden on the side of the house is doing. Everything else is a bit crispy from the hot weather and no rain.

The best looking plants within the whole bed are the zinnias that I just threw in as seeds. They are just starting to bloom.

The bed is filling in nicely. Compared to how it looked when it was first planted, I think it's doing well. A few of the plants didn't make it through the drought so there are a few holes.

I pinched all of the dahlias so they are hiding in the bed and growing wide versus tall which is much preferred. Don't have to stake that way.

I really like these Sonora Rudbeckias. They look like little sunflowers.

Back to the reno!....

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