Sunday, August 12, 2012

Of Boxes and Basements....

I have a beloved vintage velvet jewelry box collection that has been in storage for years. But, we have decided to finish the basement this fall so the stuff in storage has to come out. So, bought a cute shelf unit from Pottery Barn and brought the boxes upstairs to display.

They don't all fit on this thing though...I forgot how many large ones I have. This unit may not be the best thing for them....but I love the numbers on the shelves.

No idea what to do with the really big vanity boxes...

The basement will have a wall put up to hide the furnace, crawl space and a small room for storage. Right now it looks like a typical junky basement. David framed up the furnace wall yesterday.

Right now, typical icky cellar stairs.....but we plan to replace the treads.

We'll also wall off the laundry area. David's office plus a small TV room with pull-out sofa will go down here with Pergo floors. Can't wait. We're doing this one slowly so will update when I can....

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  1. Your vintage jewelry boxes are so pretty. Good luck with the next remodeling project. Hope it turns out as great as your new bathroom!