Sunday, June 24, 2012

Transition Time in the Garden

So the Spring roses are done, we're in full lily mode and it will be another week or so before the summer perennials really start to do their thing. Japanese beetles are here, I've counted about 5 so far. They love my Perfect Moment rose as well as my Moondances. Black spot is creeping up the David Austin bed, which I just pruned the heck out of and it's HOT. Not a cloud in the sky. And weeding takes up most of my gardening time now. But enough complaining! There are still some pretty things happening out there, even during the transition.

The first Calla Lily of the year is up.

This is my very first daylilly....Persian Market. I think she's beautiful, a very pretty pinkish salmon color.

Just a few more shots of Yelloween because he's in top form right now.

David and I decided to postpone the second floor addition for a bit and instead finish up the work on the first floor. So, the bathroom renovation is happening over the week of July 4th. Lots of upcoming renovation blogs coming up!

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