Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perhaps the prettiest spot in NY?

I know there are a lot of great spots around the city. But this is one of my favorites. Have you been to the Conservatory at Central Park? If not, it's worth the trip. David and I took a walk through this morning before work and I pulled my ipad out to snap some shots. I can't really explain how or why we were the only people there. It wasn't even that early...but it was pretty magical being the only ones in such an amazing spot of the city. You honestly forget where you are. Will probably never happen again....

There are 3 parts to the garden, French, Italian and English. We entered through the park entrance versus the main gates off of 5th Avenue.

Our entrance takes you right into the English Garden which has a beautiful fountain dedicated to author Frances Hodgson Burnett. It really is a Secret Garden, just like she would like. The fountain in the middle is thought to be Mary and Dickon. The gardens around the fountain are full of pretty perennials and really have a cottage feel. 5ft tall perfectly groomed hedges surround the perennials.

Every kind of hydrangea you could think of resides in the English garden. All of them in bloom.

After the English garden you hit the Italian section and in its center is a beautiful fountain. Behind the fountain sits a huge wisteria covered pergola. I love the tiered hedges in front of the pergola. The lawn is perfectly manicured and leads to the main gates.

These are the famous wrought iron Vanderbilt Gates which used to stand in front of the 5th avenue Vanderbilt mansion during the gilded age. This is the main entrance to the Conservatory Garden. Because you have to walk up the stairs to get to them, they look absolutely huge.

Just a really pretty and peaceful off-shoot of the Italian garden. 

The last portion we walked through was the French Garden. The boxwood hedges are manicured into perfect Versailles-like designs. The fountain in the center of The Three Maidens is pretty spectacular. Again...notice, not a soul around. When you spend most of the day fighting for elbow room, it's such a treat to have all of this space!

To get closer to the fountain you have to pass under these rose covered arbors. I think these are all Betty Prior roses when they are in bloom.

 After our morning stroll we were off to work. Just grabbed the M1 bus outside the Vanderbilt Gates and we were on our way. What a nice way to spend a Thursday morning....

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