Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's Happening Now

All of this hot weather has brought on an early summer over the last few days. Plants that don't usually wake up for weeks are up and about! Here's what's happening now in my garden....

Beauty of Moscow Lilac has started to bloom.

I own 1 bright pink fuchsia azalea. It was here before we arrived. All the azaleas are blooming around here. Kind of like how we have Forsythia everywhere, we have azaleas everywhere too. 

Sweet white anemones that I saved last year from the dead pile at the local nursery.

Tulips just about bloomed out. Maybe 1 more week?

My Cinco De Mayo's aren't blooming yet but have dreadful yellow leaves. They are in desperate need of some iron. Will need to grab some this weekend....

Some of the iris are thinking about blooming already!

As I was taking these pics tonight I turned around and had a visitor watching patiently. We have a bunny burrow under a big forsythia bush so get ready for lots of baby bunny shots....

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