Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mad Park Update

I really think Madison Square Park might be my favorite park in NYC, next to Central Park. Especially now. It is so beautiful with everything in bloom. I took a few shots this morning before heading into work. Here's a quick tour as I walked around the park.

As you enter, the square has all of its planters looking lovely with daffys, hyacinth and pink tulips. Of course, beautiful cherry trees are all over the park.

They have been restoring the lawn over the winter and it is looking gorgeous. You can see one of the white pear trees in the back and the Empire State Building hovers in the background.

Bleeding Hearts, my favorite! Of course, had to get a pic of them.

And then begins the tulips...

Imperial Fritillarias

This is the center fountain that they have finally turned on after a very long winter. Full planters sit around the edges.

Baby Boomer daffys and muscari. After seeing these in bloom, I'm worried about my own. They haven't bloomed yet...

Such perfect, beautiful Cherries...

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