Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm trying not to overreact

I mean there are much worse things happening in the world. But honestly, we had something horrid happen today.

So, one of the main reasons I love our little house and our street is that it is tree-lined. Or, I should say, it was tree-lined. These were my beautiful trees that sat right in front of our house.

We came home tonight and they were gone.

The city is doing work on our street and they are taking down a bunch of trees after the October storm of 2011. I get it. That storm was really scary and the amount of trees lost and damage done was immense. But really? Did they have to take our beautiful trees?? They made it through the storm just fine!

David has no problem and is happy that the leaves will no longer litter his lawn, but I'm so sad. This will completely change my front garden. No more shade. I need to rethink what's planted there.

Sigh....R.I.P. pretty trees....


  1. They didn't give you any notice? That's terrible. I see the power lines are on the opposite side anyway. I also wonder why they left one there and took two others? Why can't people see that trees have value?

    1. Thanks Amber. I agree, my trees certainly had value to me! They had sprayed a small white dot on the trees the day before. Looking down the street there are unfortunately lots of white dots!