Monday, November 26, 2012

Framing is up!

The basement renovation happily continues. David made good headway over the Thanksgiving weekend. All of the walls are framed and several are wired and outlets added. Getting excited! The big task over the weekend was moving the slop sink over into the laundry room from the office area. We had to install new valves, run a new water line, extend the drain and AC drainage line and presto! we have the guts of our laundry room completed.

Here you can see the sink on the outside of the laundry room, the framed out laundry room is on the left. Note that the home server is currently living in the laundry room too sitting on an Ikea dresser. This will change once everything is organized and the Ikea dresser will hit the curb.

Here's the space after the sink was moved into the room, lots of additional space for the office area. I can't wait to say goodbye to these vinyl tiles....

He finished drywalling the long wall that contains the mechanical equipment and a small storage area. 

Also installed a door to the equipment room and a new lightswitch.

Plenty of room for the equipment and still leaves a bunch of space for storage.

We will cover up the small icky windows completely on the far wall, this is where the TV will go. Lots of circulation left between the wall and the studs. Even though we are lucky to have a dry basement, we'll add a subfloor before laying the pergo. We also decided not to hang a drop ceiling and instead will just paint the ceiling and hang track lighting.

We also allowed for storage under the stairs and David created a small shelf for more server stuff, will put the wires up into the ceiling. We'll also refinish the stairs but this won't be until the very end.

Our deadline is the first of the year, so lots more to come this month. Can't wait until we get to the fun part...painting and trim and moving furniture from upstairs to the downstairs.

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