Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our 2012 Christmas Tree

We put the tree up this week. It officially feels like Christmas around here. Just  wanted to share a few pics of the tree. It's a 6 foot green feather tree covered in antique gold glass beads and glass ornaments. Most are old world ornaments with a few Christopher Radko thrown in. Many of them are inherited from my mom and some are recent purchases. We tend to buy a few every year. I think this tree is finally full...

One of our new ones for the year, a cute little Nutcracker Radko.

And some old favorites....I love the large clip-on birds with feather tails.

This one was purchased in honor of David and his tractor.

You can see the sugared fruit every here and there. I love them and they add such a sparkle to the tree.

David buys me a Radko from Bloomingdales every year. This was last year''s fun that they're dated. I don't get the one for this year until Christmas....have to wait.

When you can't snap pics of roses in the winter, these sparklers are just as good...

Last, but not least, the glass tree-topper.

Happy Holidays!

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