Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is it brown? Is it green? Is it grey?

Nope. It's Ralph Lauren. A very strange but chic paint color that gives the basement a masculine vibe without going too dark and turning it into a cave. We primed the drywall first using all of the half-full cans of white paint we had in the house. Waste not, want not.

A ton of primer later...

We were ready for the Burlap paint....look how greyish, greenish, brownish it looks up front with light and how deep brown it looks back in David's office. Same color.

We also got the interior doors painted Deep in Thought by Ben Moore which is what all of the doors and trim are in the house and a few of the outlets installed. Notice the beautiful subfloor. Yeah....that took longer than we thought to put down.

Tonight or maybe tomorrow morning, we'll finish adding all 8 of the 3" ceiling lights that are installed on metal brackets.

Tomorrow is all about painting all of the trim and working on David's homemade built-in bookcase. Crossing our fingers that we can lay the hardwood floors tomorrow too.


  1. When Don did remodeling in our house in Palatine, Illinois, when the kids were growing up, I didn't think any of the them were paying attention to what Don was doing. I guess David was! Chip off the old block! He is doing so much work and doing such a good job.

  2. David always quotes his Dad as he's working. "If my Dad was here, he would...etc., etc." He certainly learned a ton growing up!