Saturday, December 29, 2012

Custom Built-in Bookcase and New Floors!

Yesterday was a very productive day of constructing David's built-in bookcase. When we started, we thought the bookcase would only be about 2 feet across. But, after punching out the hole in the wall...

...we discovered that we had more room between the studs, so the bookcase became 29" across. Now, if we had known this before going to Home Depot to pick up the supplies, it would have been helpful. But oh well....

Here's the actual space for the bookcase. It's 12" deep.

We bought 3 8' pine boards for the bookcase and shelves. So, after making the cuts....

We had all the pieces for the bookcase. David laid the pieces on the subfloor for assembly.

And yes, we forgot the peg board to make the holes for the adjustable shelves so away we went back to the Depot. This shot is right before I distracted David and he messed up the alignment of the holes. Oops!

Once everything was nailed together and the backboard was added. It was time to see if it fit in the hole. After a bit of wiggling, it was a perfect fit.

Next came painting of the box as well as the shelves. Of course, the whole thing is painted Deep in Thought, semi-gloss.

We added fancy trim on the outside and have our new built-in bookcase! (Bear with me...the shelves aren't quite dry yet).

Once that was all done, we worked on the floors. David had them put down in a matter of hours. Laminate floors are so easy! After installing the hard wood throughout the rest of the house, this was a breeze. We bought 5" wide plank, Hampton Bay hickory laminate flooring. The upstairs is wide plank distressed hickory, so we love that it kind of matches.

They just click together, no glue, no nails...heaven!

I really like the wall color with the floors. I think it will look great once the baseboard is up.

Winnie approved of the new floor and tap danced all through the space.

And then felt like she needed a treat for all of her hard work.

We're taking a quick break from the action today but more to come...