Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hearts and chocolates

With Valentine's Day around the corner, another little feather tree goes up. This one is ivory and covered in silver and red vintage glass beads. The wind is howling as I'm putting up the tree..we're supposed to have a cold snap soon. Here's the finished tree.

I like the little chocolates...

I placed my last rose order for this year. Focusing on David Austin's for the most part and leaving the Hybrid Teas out of my order. I just ordered 3 Sally Holmes climbers for the porch pillars. We'll see how they do....I needed something that could handle the shade. It's a shame about Pickering's. Disappointing that they can no longer ship to the U.S. Hope this changes. They were my favorite rose supplier. Now ordering from Regan's for Bare Roots. Only a month to go before the new roses start to arrive....sigh. January is soooo long. 


  1. Just remember how short Feb is. Going to start tomato heirloom seeds soon.

  2. Cute Valentines tree. Were you able to get registered to be an author on the family blog?